Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have 2 sisters and the younger one is coming tomorrow from Oklahoma. Her name is Susan, I still call her Susie, childhood habits live on. She's stopping off in Alabama to visit a friend on the way and then will be here for the weekend. It's a long drive for one person and I appreciate her coming.
That's her in the striped shirt. She's had a rough couple of years, had nonHodgekins Lymphoma, and had to go through Chemo. But she's better now. She needs to quit smoking, but that's another story.
She's 3 years younger than me and she'll always be my baby sister. My older sister Judy says she can remember her being born, but that's too long ago for me. She's always been there. Judy and I use to gang up on her when we were kids, we thought she was our Mother's pet. But as time passed by and Judy got married there were just the 2 of us there and I got to know her, I know that seems strange, but 3 years is a big difference when you're a kid.
We've always stayed in touch, but haven't lived near each other since I got married and Mac was drafted into the Army.
We're orphans now and I think that makes us closer.
I wish my older sister Judy could have come too, but she couldn't, maybe next time.
Anyway I plan on enjoying this visit, wearing her out totally. We're going to Tybee to the Beach, going crabbing, going to Savannah for dinner, and out dancing one night. She loves flea markets so we'll probably go to Keller's the local big one. If there's time I'd like to take her for a dinner cruise on the Savannah River.

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