Saturday, August 29, 2009

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty is our cat, or more factually, we're the humans she owns.  She came into our house nearly 3 years ago.  She had been living at the local animal shelter for more than 6 months when we adopted her.  We had gone looking for a male cat, but she insisted that we take her home with us and within days had stolen our hearts and we hardly remember life without her.
She's a cat of many moods and like all Tabbies she's very smart.  Strong-willed, she knows how she wants her home to be run.  I'm allowed to play piano solo in the daytime, but in the evenings she expects to play duets with me.  

Bird watching is an obsession with her and she has recently discovered squirrels whom she assumes are simply really ugly cats. 

 Much of 
her spare time in the evenings is spent searching for bugs and spiders.  I don't know why we bother paying someone to come in  quarterly when she does such a good job. As she owns the house she pretty much lays anywhere she wants, boxes being her preferred location, but any port in the storm.  

She loves loud noises, which is truly unusual in a cat, and spends large parts of her day knocking things onto the floor so she can check out the sounds they make, the louder and more metallic they are the better.
She also enjoys ice.  The first summer she was here she would play with an ice cube and then fall asleep with her cheek on it.  She still likes to sit on the sink and bat cubes in to hear the sound they make.
Kitty has a large collection of mice that she rules with an iron paw and you will frequently hear them being batted about or see them whizzing through the air.  She loves for you to throw them to her so she cat bat them, she's amazingly athletic.

One of the things that she does that has always puzzled us.  She likes to sleep stretched out in front of the refrigerator, one of the hottest spots in the house.  Not a bad location in winter but uncomfortable in summer, but there she is, often with her friend tail.  Now I know that she knows that ice comes from there and she loves ice, but how can she stand the heat coming from under there.  She tries to stick her paw under there, has tried to stick her mice under there too, and all the time she's looking for something.  I use to wonder what she thought was under there, but now I've decided I'm better off not knowing!

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