Sunday, August 2, 2009


I am devastated! Our club has burned down. We were there last night dancing, and then this morning about 8:30 a 911 call went in (from a local Wafflehouse) and the firemen were there within 5 minutes. But the nearest fire hydrant was 1500 feet away so though the fire was put out the damage was extensive and the club is gone! Where oh where will we dance?
We had been without a good place to dance for years. We'd gone to the Silver Dollar/Redleg which had a decent floor, but they were out in the sticks and could never attract a decent crowd and eventually stopped having bands.
We went to Gillys which has a good dance floor, good crowds and good bands. But it's nearly 45 miles away down small 2-lane roads.
Mostly we went to Tommy's which was a good neighborhood bar with a small dance floor. But as other places closed Tommy's became more crowded and eventually we tired of fighting for floor space.
Then after 4 years of being closed (they were originally on the north side of Savannah) the Cavalier reopenned in Hardeeville, SC on New Year's Eve. We were there and have been there nearly every Friday and Saturday since. We painted the murals on the walls, Mac painted paintings for them, we painted the big sign out front. It was home, and now it is gone.
We feel homeless.

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  1. Oh no, the murals! I didn't realize this was the location you'd painted. :(


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