Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Love My Pool

I love my pool. We ordered it to be put in the day after we got here. We had to have an above ground one because the water table is so high here. We've had a pool ever since we were sent to Georgia in 1981. I was upset when we got the orders because I remembered Georgia from the 1960's and we hadn't liked it, of course we were poor as dirt then. Mac only made $185 a month in the Army. So we probably would have hated anywhere. When I heard we were going there again I said I wanted a pool and we got one. They dug the hole, reenforced it with cinderblock, padded it and added a vinyl liner. It was huge, about 18 feet by 36 feet and 8 feet deep at the deep end. We really liked it, when we moved to another house in Georgia we had the same kind of pool put in (did I say 0ur pool guy was a dead ringer for Richard Petty the NASCAR driver? We use to joke that when we couldn't get hold of him he must be driving).
When we moved to California we put in another vinyl pool, it was kidney shaped and only 5 feet deep because they hit granite when digging it and if they went deeper they'd have had to use dynamite. Anyway, a great little pool.
We moved to another house in California and put in what is your typical inground pool, called gunite, looks like white plaster sides. It was pretty, but boy do they stain, something the vinyl pools hardly do.
When we moved here we put in the above ground with metal sides and a vinyl liner. As soon as the pool was in we had a wooden deck built up to it connecting it to the house. I swim everyday, couldn't live without it. In California even though we lived in a hot area the nights were quite cool and we generally were only able to use the pool from July through September. Here we're in the pool by May, sometimes April and swim through September. A much longer swimming season.
If we move the first thing we'll put in is a pool, use it more than air conditioning!

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