Monday, August 24, 2009


When you're short and round it's next to impossible to find good looking jeans that fit. Notice I said good looking, you can always find long, baggy ones that you'll have to chop off and hem before you can wear them.  But there are d**n few jeans you can take off the rack and just wear.  And of course  I'm short waisted which makes the search even harder.  A number of years ago I stumbled across Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans.  Now with a name like that you'd expect them to be very expensive and designed for tall skinny models.  But truth be told they start at about $18.00 and have sizes to fit nearly any shape.  They come in short, medium, tall, petite, regular cut, skinny and stretch.  Actually all of her jeans have a bit of stretch in them.  That's what makes them great.  If you order a pair and they fit well and then you put on a few pounds, no problem, the jeans stretch.  And they don't lose their ability to stretch as they grow older.  I wear my Glorias until they fall apart and that generally takes about 5 years with me wearing them constantly.  Then I cut them off and make them into shorts and wear those until they finally dissolve in the washer.  I've had many a short, round lady come up to me and ask where I buy my Levi's and I always tell them I don't wear Levi's I wear Glorias.
You can find them at Beall's  or JC Penneys, Sears use to carry them but I'm not sure if they do any more.  I bought my first ones in the store and since then I just order online their sizes stay constant.  My daughter, who is even shorter than me, 4ft.10in. to my 5ft. loves them too.  I'd be lost, or naked, without my Gloria's.

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