Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moving to Savannah

I was reading a message board today where the topic was "Should I Move to Savannah?", and as you can guess the arguments pro and con were endless. Some people cited crime, low wages and high cost of living as reasons why they no longer live in Savannah. These are folks who generally moved here from a bigger metropolitan area or left here for one.
Savannah isn't perfect, no place is, but it's so pretty I forgive it many things. We moved here from Hemet, CA (a town about 75 miles east of Los Angeles) about 6 years ago. Hemet was about 66,000 people and Savannah is about 130,000, so about double Hemet's size. But there's no comparison. Yes there's crime in Savannah, don't go to the areas where it happens, and everyone knows where that is. If you want a really high paying job don't move here, this is the South, wages are lower here, that's a fact of life. But what Savannah has, for it's size is amazing. When we first moved here we though we'd have to go to New Orleans to get real night life, but we don't! Savannah is alive with good restaurants, live music, cultural events, and outdoor activities. Mac and I paint and draw and Savannah is an incredible place to do that. I'm not surprised that there's an Art College here (SCAD). Founded in 1733 Savannah is full of beautiful areas, its Historic District, Victorian District, and 21 preserved squares make up one of the biggest Historic Landmark Districts in the USA.
One of the people who had left Savannah cited lack of cultural diversity, well Savannah is typical of southern cities, it is predominantly African-American, I'm sorry if that bothers some people, but this is the South.
We love Savannah, love eating at Huey's with its New Orleans menu, eating at the Olympia Cafe which has the best calamari in the world (and we've eaten it all over the world), eating at Paula Deen's for typical Southern cooking.
We love dancing at City Market.
And most of all we love the courteous people who have taken these Yankees to their hearts and make us feel at home.

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  1. Savannah is beautiful! I can't wait to come and see you there....just waiting for the weather to cool a bit.


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