Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh My Aching Back!

I've had an aching back this week and it's been about as bad as I've ever felt it.  I had to lay on the bed to put my pants on, couldn't bend over at all.  My lower back has bothered me for years,  if I abuse it.  And through the years I have definitely abused it, taken more than a few falls doing what I shouldn't be doing or at least doing it too quickly for my old body.
Don't know what triggered this go around, can't remember doing anything I shouldn't have.  I guess I'll just blame it on the humidity which seems to seep into my bones.  Mac rubbed me down with "horse liniment" and I'd taken aspirins so it started to settle down.  But today when we got back from our walk I could barely climb the stairs, so Mac rubbed me down again and BOY! this time the liniment felt super hot, soaked right into my muscles and everything loosened up.  I guess the secret to it was that I was warmed up from my walk, all my pores were open and that stuff, instead of sitting on my skin and slowly sinking in got right into the muscles and went to work.  I was amazed!  I can tie my shoes and dress myself, what an improvement!

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