Thursday, August 20, 2009

Singing in the Rain

Started out to do our walk today but it started raining so we thought we'd have breakfast first and then try again.  We usually walk before breakfast because if you wait too long it gets so hot you turn into a puddle of hard to define body parts.  So back home for coffee and to wait for sunshine.  Coffee drank, sun appeared and off we went only to get absolutely drenched, I had to wring my clothes out before I could put them in the dryer. 
 I'm getting bored with rain.  We knew when we moved here  we'd have to put up with high humidity and more rainfall than we were use to, Hemet, CA where we'd moved from had averaged about 7 inches of rain a year.  While living there my skin had dried out, cracked, wrinkled and aged oh so nicely.  I resembled an elderly horny toad.
Then one fine day after seeing the sun for 700 days in a row I turned to Mac and said,"I'd like to live where they have 4 seasons, where summer has a smell."
And so we moved back to Georgia which does have 4 seasons, with winter being mild, and summer does have a smell, usually that of pine trees on a hot summer day.  But unfortunately this is one of those years where rain has ruled the weather.  My yard never completely dries up and the lagoon is lapping at our backyard.  The thing I smell most this year is mold.
Thought my skin has stopped cracking, my wrinkles have filled in a bit (that's not cosmetic surgery that's fat),  I'm now growing webbing between my fingers and toes.  And like the little froggy in the picture I'm doing a lot of really bad singing in the rain.

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