Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season starts in May and runs till the end of November.  This year we've been lucky, no hurricanes, and until this weekend to named storms at all.  But it looks like our luck has run out.  There's a small storm out in the Atlantic they've name Tropical Storm Ana and behind her is Tropical Storm Bill.  Ana doesn't look too bad, will probably track along south of Florida,  we have storms as big as her all the time, but Bill looks bigger and stronger and they're predicting it will turn into a Hurricane later this week.
Then while we were all focusing on the storms in the Atlantic (where most hurricanes form) a sneaky little bugger known as Tropical Depression #4 has formed just south of the Florida Panhandle in the Gulf of Mexico.  They're predicting it will become Tropical Storm Claudette before it comes ashore later today.  Don't know how much rain we'll get from all this but I do know we've already had more than 5 inches this last week without
 any Tropical Storms which always drop more rain than regular .  We once had one that dropped 14 inches in a day here.
I've already warned (threatened) Mac that if it's going to rain that much we'll have to start some of the house painting we've been putting off.
Right now Ana and Bill look like this. 

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  1. Yeah, we're watching those too. We always do to see if they are going to hit around Orlando where Steve's parents live.
    Also, haven't ever watched Project Runway.....but think I might give it a whirl and I LOVE Top Chef!


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