Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Thought I'd talk about tattoos today. Not that I'm thinking of getting one, just I am bemused by the folks who do. Now when I was growing up the only people who got tattoos were drunken sailors on shore leave who went to Tiajuana. Now everyone has one, even several of the female teachers I worked with in California.
I don't like tattoos, as I told my class one day, "Ladies don't get tattoos." and one little girl said, "My Mommy has a tattoo." and I repeated that Ladies don't have tattoos.
I know I'm old, I know I'm not hip, but there is something so offputting about a tattoo. It's one thing to have one when your young and dumb, but when you finally grow up, go out in the world, look for a job, your future employer frequently sees your tattoo and not your impressive resume'.
And what do you tell your grandkids about your "Born to Kill" tattoo? You may be the greatest person in the world, but as a teacher when I sat down to conference with parents and Mom was covered in tattoos I had a dfficult time taking them seriously. I know lots of people would say it's my problem, and perhaps it is, but if you want me to pay attention to you, let your words be louder than your tattoos.

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