Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yard Sales

I need to talk about yard sales today. I'm not inherently opposed to yard sales, in fact we participate in the yearly one that our subdivision has each year. What I find strange about yard sales is the number of people who get up before dawn, stuff themselves with carbohydrates to give them energy and drive off into the rising sun looking for .... I don't know what the h**l they're looking for.
They dash from yard sale to yardsale buying other people's trash, yes I know that one man's trash is another man's treasure, but I don't understand is the thrill of it all. People are out there dashing from one site to another like hunters after big game. One little old lady was so excited by it all that she ran over our mailbox last year in her excitement to get to the "goods" (never apologized, never said anything).
Now I've been to a few yard sales, bought a few picture frames (when you paint you always need frames), even bought Mac a guitar at one, but never felt the urge to speed from one sale to another putting men, women, small children and pets in danger in my haste.
But that's what was going on in my neighborhood this morning. Mac and I walk every morning and today it was more a game of dodgeball than a walk. It was one speeding car after another. And to add to the excitement our neighborhood has only 4 street names, ours is the only unique name (C.S.S. Nashville ) the rest are variations of 3 names (Senec, Passaic, Montauk) with variations at the end to differintiate between them (street, lane, court, way). So finding a certain street can be tricky. To make it even more fun all the streets are dead end, but not marked that way. So this morning we had speeders, people asking for directions, people making u-turns and vehicles narrowly missing pedestrians (there are no sidewalks here). Not a leisurely stroll. And all this because there was one yard sale.
Oh the thrill of the hunt!

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  1. I don't get the whole yard sale thing either!


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