Monday, August 31, 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Next Thursday is our 44th wedding anniversary, can't believe it!  Really does seem like yesterday.  We're going to Cumberland Island which is an island about 7 miles offshore from St. Mary's, GA.  We're staying at Emma's Bed and Breakfast in St. Mary's and then spending the day out on the island.   We thought about spending the night on the island, but the only place to stay on the island is the Reynold's Plantation, Greyfield Inn, which runs $350-$500 a night. We actually considered this, I mean how many 44th anniversaries do you get, but the only place to eat is in their dining room and it required a coat and tie for Mac and a dress for me and they don't serve Bud Light, so we knew we probably wouldn't fit in.   So we found Emma's Bed and Breakfast in St. Mary's.
I have to make the ferry reservations for us to get to the island, that's the only way to get there, they strictly control the number of visitors and there are no cars except service vehicles allowed on the island.  
The island is wonderful, full of live oaks, wild horses, wild turkeys, ruins of a mansion, the gravesite of Lighthorse Harry (Revolutionary War General and father of Robert. E. Lee).  And one of the most beautiful seashores I've ever seen.
I can't wait.


  1. Have a blast! Happy Anniversary!

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